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"Extra Credit// Part 2" by Jakey Galdamez

"Winona And Johnny Forever", Vogue UK, May 1991 was a series photographed by an editorial photographer by the name of Herb Ritts. The models, Johnnny Depp & Winona Ryder were actors featured in Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands”(1990) & these photographs capture the essence of fantasy & the love the two subjects have for each other in the film and at the time. The approach the photographer took to creating these series of photographs is extraordinary.

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does anyone have that comic where Phoenix and Layton are sitting there and Phoenix’s hair keeps growing horizontaly and Layton’s hat is growing vertically


"Bromeo, oh Bromeo
I love you.. No homeo"
- Every Bro Ever (via frecklesandstitches)


when the founders of hogwarts established the school, what made them think that moving staircases was a good idea. like what is the story behind that. why didn’t a headmaster fix this. and then dumbledore was like let’s fuck these students up, let’s make them so fucking lost that they will find their way to a room with a giant three headed dog.

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I’ve figured it out: My type is tall, handsome and dorky as fuck


i will never understand the phrase

"she looks amazing for 40"

40 isn’t old

and old isn’t ugly.

the lack of respect we show for women who are past a certain age

how we discard them and label them useless,

and see them as past their prime,

has always confused and frustrated me.


Can you feel it burning up your insides?